Avoid Tooth Issues with Dentistry in Haleiwa

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Dentist

Millions of adults and children in the United States do not receive adequate dental care. While some will go to a dentist only if an issue arises, few see their dentist as often as is recommended. By avoiding Dentistry in Haleiwa, many will experience easily preventable problems such as dental decay, cavities, discolored teeth and more. The best way to avoid these and other potentially serious problems is to see a dentist at least twice a year for cleanings and examinations. By only waiting until a tooth has a problem, there is a high likelihood of more serious or widespread issues with teeth.

Why is it Important to See a Dentist Twice Each Year?

Most Americans eat a diet that is full of sugar, acid and processed foods that can have extremely detrimental effects on teeth. While some do practice proper oral care at home, many do not brush or floss as recommended. Even the best home dental care can leave pockets of tartar or other contaminants stuck between teeth, and this can lead to cavities, decay or gum disease. It is especially important for teens and young children to see a dentist regularly. Their maturing teeth require extra monitoring and care to ensure that no permanent problems occur later in life.

What Happens During an Exam and Cleaning?

When patients visit their dentists for a cleaning and exam, the hygienist as well as the dentist will inspect patients’ teeth to look for any signs of trouble. All built up tartar or plaque will be scraped and removed from the teeth and gums, and any issues will be addressed, or a plan will be made for future treatment. Cleanings are not at all painful, and most only experience mild discomfort solely due to having to keep ones’ mouth open for so long. Most dentistry in Haleiwa exams and cleanings take under an hour to complete and are the best way to prevent major dental issues.

By going regularly for dental cleanings and exams with their local provider, kids and adults alike can ensure that their teeth stay problem-free. Parents should take their children for exams at least twice each year, as kids need extra help to keep their teeth safe. Adults can also prevent a range of dental issues by going for regular visits to their dentist. Visit our website to learn more about the importance of regular cleanings.

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