Allow the Dentists in Katy to Treat Your Cavity With Ease

by | Feb 8, 2016 | Dental

When one is faced with a dreaded cavity in their tooth, they can often feel nervous about seeking dental treatment. Cavities are one of the most common reasons for dental visits outside of preventative care appointments. It is crucial people are able to recognize the warning signs of cavities in their teeth so they can seek prompt care from the Dentists Katy. If prompt care is not sought, a person can end up losing their tooth to necrosis.

Signs of cavities in the teeth include:

   *    Pain that continues to worsen in severity

   *    Discomfort when biting down

   *    Increased sensitivity in the tooth

   *    Dark or white spots on the tooth

   *    Pitting in the tooth

These initial signs will continue to worsen as a cavity progresses. Eventually, the tooth may become discolored and the person can develop foul mouth odors and taste. To treat a cavity, the dentists in Katy will need to have the patient come in for a full evaluation to determine how deep the cavity runs. This is done through an oral examination and X-rays which prove helpful in showing the degree of damage in the tooth.

Cavities are repaired through a straightforward treatment method. The dentist first removes the damaged areas of the tooth so the progression of damage does not continue. Unfortunately, removing the damaged areas leaves behind openings in the tooth that must be filled so pain does not continue.

A filling can be made from various materials depending on the patient’s age and the tooth being treated. Most dentists today use composite fillings because they are cost-effective and blend in nicely with the tooth so it is less obvious the tooth has been filled. Once the tooth has been filled, the patient should no longer feel pain and discomfort from the cavity, though they may be sore for a couple of days after the procedure.

If you have noticed the signs of cavities, it is important you seek treatment right away. For more information on your treatment options, visit They are the gentle dentists who work to treat their patients with extreme care to ensure they feel comfortable throughout any dental treatment they must go through.

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