Get a Great Smile With Dental Implants in Fresh Meadows NY

by | Feb 6, 2016 | Dentist

There are few aches and pains that are worse than a toothache, and when this problem strikes, the only thing that most people think about is how to make the pain go away. In most cases, the dentist will suggest removing any damaged dentin and filling the tooth. Sadly, when the decay has gotten too far, the tooth may need to be extracted. The downside to this solution is how to fill in the hole from the missing tooth. The first option is Dental Implants Fresh Meadows NY because this procedure provides a strong alternative to bridges or similar prosthesis.

Even though the primary function of dental implants is to fill in for a missing tooth, this method of anchoring has other uses. For example, dental implants can be used to secure a bridge, partial denture or a whole dental plate. This option provides several benefits and an experienced dental office such as Northern Plaza Dental Care can help the patient understand how implants might help them. For example, the ability to anchor a denture is a big asset for many people because the alternative of using an adhesive to secure the denture is not acceptable. Most dental adhesives taste odd and have a weird texture that many people really dislike.

There is one concern when using Dental Implants In Fresh Meadows NY and this is a weak jawbone. The dentist will need to check the jaw to ensure it can handle the placement of the stud without breaking the bone. To reduce this possibility, the dentist may opt for bone grafts. These are thin layers of bone removed from one area and transplanted over the jawbone. It usually takes this process a few months to heal enough that an anchor can be placed. After the stud is implanted, it will also need several months to heal. This step is necessary, or the stud could damage the jaw and make this type of repair impossible. Another concern is placing two studs close together. This also weakens the jaw and is rarely ever done. Instead, the dentist will opt for anchoring a bridge instead. Please click here for more details about implants or other dental procedures.

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