Damaged Teeth Are Protected and Made More Beautiful With Dental Crowns in Toronto

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Dentist

Injuries and cavities can cause major damages to teeth. In some cases, a tooth’s structural stability can become compromised, leading to the increased risk of additional damage. When damage is present, it not only makes a tooth weaker, it also makes it look less attractive. When a tooth is shielded with a crown, the damage is no longer visible, so the tooth looks more attractive. Crowns also make a tooth much stronger. With Dental Crown Toronto, a person’s attractive smile can be restored.

Dental crowns can be placed over teeth anywhere in the mouth. Because the crown fully covers the tooth, no damage shows. Dental crowns are shaped precisely like human teeth, so they look natural. They are also shaded to match the surrounding teeth for the most seamless of applications. Some dentists create their crowns with a special machine while others send information to a dental lab so the crown can be created.

Before the crown is placed over the tooth, it must first be prepared. Preparation begins with shaping and smoothing the edges of the tooth. The goal of this process is to remove as much damaged tooth material as possible, so the tooth is less likely to continue experiencing damage. The shaping process also makes the tooth smaller, so it fits inside the dental crown without compromising the patient’s bite.

With dental crowns in Gainesville, a person’s tooth can be protected for many years, with many crowns lasting up to twenty years or even longer. Fit is the most pressing concern, so the dentist will carefully check the application before permanently adhering the crown in place. The crown must be adhered in place using a strong dental cement to ensure it will be able to stay in place and withstand the immense pressure exerted during chewing.

If you have a damaged tooth and would like to learn more about dental crowns, click here and visit www.com. With a dental crown, your tooth is fully shielded from further damage and made to look more attractive. Call the office if you would like to schedule a consultation appointment.

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