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Dazzle People with Your Veneers in Alexandria, VA

Do you want to dazzle people with your smile? If you feel that your teeth have dulled or that they are not as white and bright as you would like, you can restore and refresh the looks of your teeth. Maybe your teeth show some cracks or chips or feature a gap that you wish would go away. If so, one dental solution may give you back your smile.

A Cosmetic Enhancement Used in Early Film-Making

Veneers are not new in the field of cosmetic dentistry. However, the way they are made now had vastly improved from when they were introduced in 1928. At that time, a California dentist offered the cosmetic enhancements to actors. They improved an actor’s smile temporarily.

Today, porcelain veneers in Alexandria, VA are defined by exceptionally thin tooth-colored shells that are placed over the teeth to improve and refine the smile. Because porcelain is quite sturdy, it feels and looks similar to tooth enamel and therefore enhances the teeth cosmetically while protecting them.

A Whiter and Brighter Smile

Many people who opt for veneers in Alexandria, VA do so to whiten their teeth. If their tooth discoloration cannot be solved by a whitening agent, they choose the shell coverings to improve the looks of their teeth.

Other patients have veneers fitted to even out a smile that is worn down by clenching or grinding the teeth. Therefore, this type of aesthetic dental procedure can be used to add length to certain teeth to create a more balanced smile.

An Affordable Cosmetic Option

In some cases, the fittings are used to correct gaps between the teeth or to conceal cracks or chips. Choosing this option makes it possible to obtain the needed treatment in less time and with less expense.

Whether you wish to have whiter teeth or an almost perfect smile, you may find what you are seeking by having veneers placed on your teeth. Check out this option by arranging a consultation with your dental provider today.

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