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Details About Gums Examinations In Camas, WA

In Washington, gum disease is a complex condition that often leads to the total loss of all teeth. The condition could also lead to persistent infections in the mouth that lead to cardiovascular disease if the infection enters the bloodstream. A local dental professional conducts Gums Examinations in Camas WA and determines what treatments are possible for each patient.

Examining the Gums

The dentist completes a thorough assessment of the teeth and gums during each routine examination. The professional may require the hygienist to perform cleanings to help them uncover issues that are hidden under debris build-up. The cleaning services are performed at least twice a year and help the dentist diagnose tooth and gum related conditions.

Recommendations for Early Signs of Gum Disease

Gingivitis is the first sign that the patient is developing periodontal disease. The condition causes inflammation of the gums and bleeding when the patient brushes or flosses. It is also possible for pregnant women to develop the condition. The dentists recommend that the patients start using a medicated mouthwash to fight off gingivitis. However, in more severe cases, prescription mouthwash is provided.

More Complex Treatments

Scaling and planing is a cleaning procedure that is performed to eliminate damaged gum tissue. It also involves cleaning out pockets that have developed around the gum line. The procedure is performed for all patients that have existing periodontal disease. It is performed several times a year, and some patients require sedation prior to the procedure.

The Potential Outcome

Patients who develop periodontal disease could face the total loss of all their teeth. Even with professional services, the dentist cannot guarantee that the patient won’t lose teeth. However, the dental professionals provide treatments and explain all options to patients who are diagnosed with the complex condition.

In Washington, gum disease can lead to the destruction of gum tissue and cause the teeth to loosen. It also leads to the formation of pockets around the gum line that hold in bacteria. If left untreated, the patient could lose all their teeth and could develop heart disease due to infections. Patients who need to schedule gums examinations in Camas WA are encouraged to contact Lewis Family Dentistry right now. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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