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Stop Cavities With the Family Dentist in Bridgeport CT

Cavities are one of the number one reasons individuals need to see their dentist. When cavities begin to form, they can lead to serious tooth damage and eventual tooth loss. When cavities begin to strike, an individual needs to make sure they seek treatment from the Family Dentist in Bridgeport CT. With this information, individuals will better understand what they can expect from cavity treatment.

How Does the Dentist Treat Cavities?

Cavities need to be treated right away by the Family Dentist in Bridgeport CT. When a tooth starts to become decayed, the decay can spread to surrounding teeth and can even lead to gum infections. Once a tooth becomes decayed in the root area, it begins to necrotize and will eventually need to be extracted. Seeking prompt treatment helps to decrease the amount of damage that is done and prevent the loss of the tooth.

Patients are always treated while they are under anesthesia so they do not feel pain while their teeth are being worked on. Being able to have dental work carried out without feeling any discomfort sets individual’s minds feels at ease. Once the patient is numb, the dentist will be able to use special tools to remove the decayed sections of the affected tooth so the decay does not continue to grow worse.

The dentist will then work to make sure the tooth is ready to be filled, by cleaning it and rinsing away any residue. The type of filling material that will be used will depend on the patient’s needs and wishes. In most dental offices today, dentists use tooth-colored fillings so they blend in with the patient’s tooth and do not look like an obvious repair.

Once the tooth has been filled, it will no longer be at a major risk of becoming more decayed. The tooth will also be stronger because it has been filled. With the filling in place, the tooth will be less likely to break during chewing.

Call For an Appointment

If you are dealing with the possibility of cavities, now is the time to seek an appointment so the tooth can be repaired. Call today so you can get more information right away.

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