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Details To Know About Dentures In Kona

In Hawaii, dental patients that have suffered a total loss of all their teeth need an affordable replacement choice. Dentures are the most economical solution for replacing teeth, and the appliances are covered under most major dental insurance policies. A local dental professional offers dentures in Kona to meet the needs of their patients.

Extractions for All Remaining Teeth

Patients with periodontal disease or irreparable teeth will require extractions for their teeth. Patients who are hoping to acquire dentures in Kona must undergo the procedure first. When extracting multiple teeth at once, dental professionals may provide a general anesthetic or sedation. The patient receives pain medications and antibiotics following the procedure. Gauze is also provided to prevent dry tooth sockets.

Creating a Mold of the Gums

After the gums have healed fully, the dental professional sets up a follow-up appointment to create a mold of the gums. When creating dentures, the lab needs a mold of the ridges of the gums. It is used to create the base of the dentures that secure the appliance to the natural gums. If the ridges don’t match correctly, the dentures could slip or irritate the natural gums.

Achieving a Perfect Fit

Once the dentures are created, the patient visits the dentist again for a fitting. The dentist places the dentures into the patient’s mouth and determines if the base of the dentures is aligned properly. If the dentures won’t provide a perfect fit, the dentist sends them back to the lab for adjustments.

Care Instructions for Dentures

Patients who receive dentures are explained all care instructions for their new teeth. Essentially, they have the option to use effervescent tablets to clean debris off their dentures, or they can use toothpaste designed specifically for dentures. If the denture break or crack, the patient can request a new pair through their dental professional.

In Hawaii, dentures are an affordable replacement option for patients who have lost all their teeth. The appliances are created from a mold of the patient’s gums, and replacement teeth are molded after images of the patient’s natural teeth. Patients who want to learn more about dentures in Kona are encouraged to contact Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. or Visit the Website right now.

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