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Enjoy Eating Again With Assistance From a Prosthodontic Dental Service in Austin, TX

As many people know, there are several types of dentistry based on fields of specialization. That is, a dentist can opt for the field of orthodontics or pediatric care with a little additional education. However, one field that people may not recognize is prosthodontics. A Prosthodontic Dental Service in Austin TX is required when a person needs a prosthetic such as bridges, dentures, or implants. One reason for this confusion may be the fact that many dental offices handle this field internally with additional education.

Dental implants are quickly becoming the solution of choice for many people because they provide a working alternative to the original tooth or teeth. This is done with an artificial root or implanted stud that is required for strength and support. Most studs are titanium, but other inert materials, like plastic, may work. Titanium is preferred because the bone tissue will adhere to it when it heals, and this provides an anchor that will handle the stress of biting and chewing.

Implants may not always be the best choice, especially if two or more teeth are missing in a row. Attempting to place multiple studs close together can weaken the bone or even force it to shatter. The use of a Prosthodontic Dental Service in Austin TX can provide a better alternative using a partial denture or bridge. However, the use of an anchor may help because the bridge will require something to secure it in place. This is often done by filing the teeth around the prosthetic and securing it to them. Unfortunately, this will damage the teeth used for this purpose and eventually cause further issues.

One of the most common uses for an expert prosthetic dentist is dentures. A full dental plate is required when all the teeth are removed from one of the jaws and a set of plates when both jaws are empty. It is possible to eat certain foods without the aid of dentures, but a few of the more enjoyable ones can be difficult to bite, such as corn on the cob.

Using dentures is not a one time fix. In fact, the dentures should be replaced every few years because of issues such as gum loss. This problem occurs when bacteria get trapped under the prosthetic or constant pressure is applied through the device. To learn more about prosthodontics, contact an expert like Stevan A Koprivnik DDS PC.

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