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Frequently Asked Questions About A Tooth Extraction In Sparks NV

It’s often necessary for individuals to have a tooth extracted by a dentist. While some patients become fearful at the thought of having a tooth pulled, an experienced dentist can extract the tooth quickly and painlessly. To learn more about going to a dentist for a Tooth Extraction in Sparks NV, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) What are some common reasons why people need to have a tooth extracted?

A.) Even though dentists agree that it’s always better to try and save a tooth rather than have it extracted, sometimes it’s necessary to have a tooth pulled. Teeth that are beyond saving, because they’re severely decayed, will need to be removed. A tooth that’s been subjected to trauma, such as being knocked loose in an accident, may also need to be removed. Individuals who are going to get dentures will often need to have several teeth extracted.

Q.) Is there usually a large amount of bleeding after having a tooth extracted?

A.) The amount of bleeding a patient has after having a tooth extracted varies from person to person. Before leaving the dental office the dentist will make sure the bleeding is under control. Before a patient leaves the office, a dentist will place a large piece of gauze over the area where the tooth was pulled. The pressure on the socket from the gauze helps the blood to clot faster. Patients often have to change the gauze every 30 minutes or so, depending on the amount of bleeding. Once the bleeding subsides, patients can remove the gauze padding.

Q.) Are individuals in a tremendous amount of pain after having a tooth pulled?

A.) After the numbing medication wears off, patients usually feel some amount of pain in the area of the extracted tooth. After a dentist performs a Tooth Extraction in Sparks NV a pain medication is often prescribed to help with the soreness for a few days.

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