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How To Stop Avoiding The Dentist Columbus WI

Although dentists recommend that most people visit at least twice a year, many people avoid the dentist and go rarely, if at all. In some cases, this is due to the fact that the patient doesn’t have dental insurance and can’t easily afford the cost of a cleaning, let alone x-rays, cavity fillings, root canals and anything else the dentist might suggest. Another reason for avoidance is fear. Some people have uncomfortable or painful experiences in the dentist’s chair that leave them with a lifelong fear. Unfortunately, avoiding the Dentist Columbus WI is only postponing what could turn out to be greater expense or discomfort later on.

A dental cleaning can be expensive, averaging $100 or so, depending on your area. However, there may be ways to lower that cost. First of all, don’t be afraid to ask if the dentist’s office provides a sliding scale for uninsured patients. Also, look into the cost of adding dental insurance to your health care coverage. If you do the math, you might find the expense worthwhile. Another option is a dental school or a dental hygiene program at a community college. These programs offer very low-cost cleaning and x-ray services so that students can get some experience while under the supervision of an experienced professional. Saving the money twice a year by skipping the dental appointments, though, could lead to far higher expenses later on when you have to treat gum disease or an abscess caused by an unfilled cavity. Click here for more details about the experienced dentist in Columbus, WI.

Fear can be hard to overcome. If you avoid the dentist out of fear, it could be worthwhile for you to spend some time collecting recommendations and interviewing dentists until you find one whose personality puts you at ease. It may also be helpful for a fearful patient to find a dentist who uses sedation. While most dentists offer the mild sedation of nitrous oxide or laughing gas, more and more dentists now are offering something known as twilight sedation with a drug like Valium or Halcyon. These drugs are usually administered in pill form and leave the patient deeply calm but aware.

Regular dental visits can help you maintain your overall health as well as brighten your smile. If you have been avoiding the dentist due to fear of the cost or fear of pain, consider taking some steps to remove those barriers.

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