Invisalign: Teeth Alignment For Perfect Smiles

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Dentist

Misalignment of teeth is a common dental problem on growing young adults nowadays. In which case, some of the most common dental procedures involve teeth alignment. The initial idea that patients would think is to get braces; however, there is a new method for teeth alignment dental procedure which is called invisalign. Invisalign in St Augustine is a type of orthodontic treatment or procedure which is an alternative treatment for using metal braces in teeth alignment; instead of traditional braces, clear teeth aligners can be used to treat misaligned teeth. Millions of patients have already undergone Invisalign treatment and, still, more and more are hoping to undergo such procedures.

Invisalign in St Augustine is manufactured by Henry Advanced Orthodontics. According to the said company, more than 48,130 dental practitioners all over the world are licensed and are capable of performing the invisalign procedure to patients. Undergoing such treatment would have inherent advantages and disadvantages as well. One of the advantages of invisalign procedure is its aesthetic feature; since invisalign is using clear teeth aligners it is not as noticeable as a metal brace. This procedure is rather popular to adults while the more fashionable metal braces are more preferred by children and teenagers.

Invisalign is also more comfortable and is easy to remove for eating purposes. This cannot be said for metal braces which are more uncomfortable and don’t allow frequent removal. Furthermore such teeth aligners do not require teeth structure alterations which are commonly done when one is wearing fixed metal braces. Braces can also cause tooth decay. Patients endure much pain when wearing fixed metal braces. That doesn’t’ happen with invisalign aligners in St Augustine which only require application of less force to the teeth and is replaced approximately every two weeks for force adjustment. Due to the invisalign aligner’s removable characteristic, there is no limit to the type of food that a patient can eat since the invisalign aligners cannot be damaged if removed during eating time. Lastly, invisalign treatment or procedure is much faster compared to the traditional fixed metal braces.

The success of invisalign treatment depends on the patient’s commitment to the treatment since it was mentioned that invisalign teeth aligners can be removed. Aside from this, the removable characteristic of the aligners could also be a disadvantage because the teeth get more exposed and prone to get bacteria and food particles. Patients are required to clean their teeth thoroughly before putting the invisalign aligners back on.

In this procedure radiograph x-rays are not given much importance since the dental practitioner is more concerned with how the invisalign would work and look on the patient. One concern being raised with invisalign aligner is that it can be easily damaged during sleep since people tend to clench their teeth in this state which may result for the need to replace the aligner. But since this is still covered by the treatment, this little setback should not pose too much of a problem.

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