Is Invisalign in Hillside NJ Right for You?

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Dentist

There are some people who are dissatisfied with their smile and want to straighten their teeth, but they may not want to have a “metal-mouth.” Well, users can get the smile they want with braces -; just not the ones your parents grew up. Enter: Invisalign in Hillside NJ.

What is Invisalign?

The Invisalign splint is a type of dental brace -; just invisible. These are transparent aligners and, unlike ordinary braces, the Invisalign splint is almost invisible. It is an option for adults and children alike.

However, not every patient is eligible for Invisalign in Hillside NJ; some dental and maxillary malocclusions are too complex for this type of therapy.

Who is Invisalign suitable for?

Whether or not invisible braces are suitable for one patient or another, each person can only be sure after they speak with their dentist or orthodontist. Aligner treatments, especially minor malocclusions, can be resolved using Invisalign. Narrowness or gaps can be treated as well. Even a single tooth is easy to straighten.

Larger treatments are often possible with this method too. However, each case in question must be individually examined first. Invisalign is ideal for patients who cannot or do not want to wear fixed braces. Visible brackets and metal on the teeth are unthinkable for some patients when it concerns aesthetic or allergy-related reasons.

Since adults and older teenagers, in particular, desire invisible braces, Invisalign is often a very good solution for most patients. ChildSmilesFamilySmiles will be glad to give you all the information on this topic.

How does treatment go about?

The first visit is a consultation with a dentist. He or she may refer the patient to an orthodontics provider if the office cannot perform the procedure. After the patient’s mouth is examined, the dentist will get an impression and take a few x-rays.

They will put all the information gathered into a PC and this will outline how many aligners are needed and the spacing between each. Every two weeks the patient will receive a new set of aligners with routine inspections throughout.

If you are interested in the invisible braces, a consultation appointment is a must. The orthodontist examines whether a tooth correction with aligner therapy is needed or if another option would be best. Visit the website for more details.

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