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Pain as a Dental Emergency

It may be difficult for you to know when you should hold out for an appointment in a day or two or when you should visit a Chicago emergency dentist. Pain is usually the biggest indicator that something is wrong with your teeth and gums. Here are a few ways you can know when your oral pain requires immediate assistance.

When Pain Is Sudden

Tooth pain that comes on suddenly should immediately alert you to the fact that something is wrong. Sudden pain often occurs from physical trauma to the tooth, such as from a fall, an automobile accident or a sport injury. It will feel different from other oral pain that has a slower onset, such as tooth sensitivity, tooth grinding or sinus infections.

When Pain is Unbearable

Some oral pain may be minor. It tells that something is wrong in your mouth and that you will soon need to see your dentist to find out what is causing the pain and what can be done for it. However, if your pain feels unbearable and is keeping you from your usual daily activities, you should find an emergency dentist.

When Pain Results from a Lost Tooth

When you suddenly lose a tooth due to physical trauma, you must see an emergency dentist immediately if you want to save the tooth. He or she will be able to replace the tooth in the socket and support it so that the roots grow back strongly.

When your pain is sudden or unbearable or when you have pain from a lost, chipped or cracked tooth, you should immediately see a Chicago emergency dentist. At Chicago Smile Design, you can experience premier care whether you need preventative dental cleanings, cosmetic treatments or emergency dental care.

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