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Reviewing The Different Types Of Oral Surgery In Short Hills, NJ

In New Jersey, oral surgeons provide complex procedures that some dentists cannot. These procedures provide patients with a variety of benefits that include the elimination of pain and discomfort. They also manage additional requirements if teeth become damaged. The following is a review of the different types of Oral Surgery in Short Hills NJ.

Multiple Extractions and Wisdom Teeth Removals

Oral surgeons perform multiple extractions in single visits. They can sedate the patients to complete these complex procedures without great difficulties. The surgeons can utilize these strategies to remove multiple damaged teeth to prepare patients for replacement procedures. They can also eliminate all wisdom teeth in one visit to lower the risks to the patients.

Reviewing the Root Canal Procedures

The root canal procedure begins with a full assessment of the tooth. If a dentist has performed multiple repairs on this tooth, a root canal could present them with a better solution. The surgeon numbs the area to prevent the patient from experiencing any pain or discomfort. Next, the surgeon creates a hole in the top of the tooth. The surgeon removes the tooth pulp and nerve. Finally, the surgeon seals the tooth off with a composite resin. A crown is installed if the tooth is seriously compromised.

Replacement Options for Teeth

Dentures, bridges and dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. The total number of teeth that are missing defines what device is the best solution. The patient’s budget may also play a role in what options are chosen. Dental implants present the most permanent solution for these patients.

Why are Veneers Used?

Veneers are devices that are installed on the exterior of the tooth enamel. The surgeons grind into the exterior of the enamel to place the veneer. The veneer is used to correct the shape of the tooth and to correct any minor damage.

In New Jersey, oral surgeons complete complex procedures to protect teeth and gums. These procedures include wisdom teeth extractions, root canals, and replacement options for missing teeth. Patients that require Oral Surgery in Short Hills NJ contact Westfield Oral Surgery to schedule an appointment today.

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