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Advantages of Tooth Whitening in Sparks NV

Many people that have yellowed teeth noticed it happens over time or because of coffee or tobacco use? Think of the many Tooth Whitening in Sparks NV techniques used to provide people with a beautiful white smile. Which option is best for you? The latest trends related to dental health and aesthetics revolve around adult orthodontics and dental implants. But it must not be forgotten that having extremely white teeth can provide a person with the ultimate smile.

Does tooth whitening make your teeth really white?

The answer is yes but it will also depend on people. The dentist has a tooth shade scale, which helps them determine the closest hue. After Tooth Whitening in Sparks NV, the teeth are generally whiter from 3 to 4 shades. If the teeth to be treated are in the whiter or yellower shades, the treatment will have a better result than if the teeth were brown or gray. These 2 shades are difficult to bleach. In addition, if the teeth are yellow due to medications such as antibiotics or a disease, it is more difficult to get them completely white but it is possible to gain some shades.

Do teeth remain white for a long time after bleaching?

No bleaching technique can guarantee teeth will remain white for a long time and, above all, not forever. Often, your teeth can remain white for up to 2 years. After this period, the teeth will start to turn yellow but they will still be whiter than before the treatment. People will have to repeat a treatment if they wish their smile to stay bright. A new whitening treatment will make your teeth white as after the initial treatment!

How much does this procedure cost?

Prices vary greatly from one specialist to another. For a gutter, count on spending between $50 and $200 depending on the type of treatment. For a treatment in the dentist’s office, this cost can be well above $200 for each session. However, there are dental offices that offer specials so look for those. Important: You should know that this is not reimbursed by insurance companies. It is considered as an aesthetic treatment and not a medical necessity. If you are considering this type of whitening procedure, check with your insurance company first. Contact Sparks Dental for more details.

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