Reviewing The Benefits Of Dental Scaling In South Austin, TX

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Dentist

In Texas, dental professional follow protocol to reduce the impact of serious conditions. They provide comprehensive care for patients and mitigate common risks that lead to tooth loss. They also provide services to manage the health of the gums. A local dentist provides Dental Scaling in South Austin TX for at risk patients today.

Managing Oral Care For Diabetics

Diabetic patients are at a higher than average risk of developing periodontal disease. The condition causes widespread damage and causes teeth to become loose and fall out. For diabetic patients, dentists perform scaling and planing to eliminate any compromised gum disease. However, they must take additional measures with these patients to reduce the potential for infections.

Mitigating the Risks of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease causes pockets to form around the gum line. These pockets capture debris and bacteria. The scaling and planning process allows dentists to eliminate particles that accumulate in the pockets. This prevents adverse effects including infection and the potential for tooth damage.

How is Scaling Performed?

The dentists use specialized tools to scrap out bacteria and particles. They begin with the front teeth and work around to each tooth affected by the condition. They lift and scrape away gum tissue that isn’t viable. The process can become painful for some patients. For this reason, the dentist may provide an anesthetic. The duration of the process depends on how severe the gums are damaged and how extensive the debris buildup is.

Reviewing Sedation Opportunities

Select patients who are anxiety about these procedures are sedated. This prevents them from becoming uncomfortable during the procedure. It also helps the dentist to perform the procedure without unnecessary injuries. The patient awakens as if no time has passed. The dentist provides pain medications and antibiotics when necessary.

In Texas, dental professionals follow vital steps to protect the teeth and gums. When the patient has existing signs of periodontal disease, the dentist performs specialized procedures to reduce the impact of the condition and protect the teeth and gums. Patients who need Dental Scaling in South Austin TX should contact Anne Lyon DDS for more information about these services.

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