The Benefits Offered by an Aesthetic Dentist in Stuart, Florida

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Dentist

Although Stuart, Florida is home to several dental practices, many area residents opt for an office that specializes in aesthetics. The word “aesthetic” actually means the study of beauty. To patients it means that aesthetic dentists focus on improving smiles and provide exceptional all-around services. A practice such as Aesthetic Dentistry of Stuart offers reconstructive services, helps clients stay healthy and teaches them how to maintain beautiful smiles.

Regular Visits Contribute to Better Health

An aesthetic Dentist in Stuart can help clients prevent a variety of oral health problems and maintain general wellness. During routine visits, the dentist will examine each patient for signs of mouth cancers and gum problems. When patients have serious decay or infections, professionals can prescribe treatments that help them heal before having their teeth repaired. Dentists also educate their patients about home care and the importance of professional cleaning. They can diagnose misaligned jaws that cause chewing problems and pain. They can correct the TMJ that causes tooth clicking, light sensitivity and dizziness. A specialist considers every patient’s lifestyle, health, and needs and designs a plan for each.

Aesthetic Dentistry Improves Smiles

There are several ways that an aesthetic dental specialist helps build beautiful smiles. They use a hard plastic tooth colored plastic instead of unsightly metal fillings. Professionals can prescribe Invisalign appliances that straighten teeth without wires or metal. An aesthetic Dentist in Stuart uses cosmetic bonding as well as porcelain veneers and crowns to correct damaged teeth. They also offer whitening services.

A Specialist Provides Restorative Services

Dental practices devoted to aesthetics can provide full mouth reconstruction. Their clients may need restoration after accidents, illness or neglect. The dentist begins by evaluating each case and diagnosing individual problems. If additional care is needed, they refer patients to specialists, such as surgeons. However, most aesthetic experts can provide full mouth restoration that transforms even severely damaged teeth, gums and jaws into bright smiles.

An aesthetic dentist strives to keep patients healthy while improving their smiles. These professionals offer a full range of general dentistry that keeps patients healthy and cosmetic techniques designed to improve health and looks. Aesthetic dentists can even offer full mouth restoration in many cases.

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