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See the Dentists in Anne Arundel for Cavity Treatment

Cavities can start out minor and rarely cause any major symptoms. When a cavity first begins, many people are not aware they have a problem so their tooth health continues to degrade. This is why it is important a person sees their dentist on a regular basis. Preventative dental care can allow a dentist to find cavities well before they cause any symptoms so a person can have their teeth treated before major damages occur.

These warning signs should prompt a person to see the Dentists in Anne Arundel:

  *      Pitting in the teeth

  *      Black or white spots on the teeth

  *      Increased sensitivity

  *      Pain when biting down

  *      Pain when eating sweets or hot or cold foods

  *      Visible holes in the teeth

  *      Brown areas on the teeth

Should a person notice any of these signs, they need to seek dental care from the Dentists in Anne Arundel. The dentist will carefully examine the patient’s teeth to look for any visible signs of cavities. If the dentist feels it is warranted, they will order X-rays to be carried out. An X-ray can reveal how deep a cavity runs so the dentist can make a determination on whether or not the tooth can be saved through treatment.

If the cavity damage is only above the root, the tooth can likely be saved. Damage to the root may be cause for the tooth to be pulled. If the tooth can be saved, the dentist will work to remove the damaged areas of the tooth and then fill it with a filling. Fillings can be made from several materials, depending on where the tooth is located and the preferences of the patient. Many people choose composite or porcelain fillings because they blend in well with the teeth so the filling is not so obvious.

Those who are in need of cavity care, should Click Here for more details. This site will give new patients information on the many dental services that are available. With prompt dental care, one can avoid serious damage to their tooth. Call right away so your consultation appointment can be scheduled and the dentist can determine what method of treatment will be most beneficial.

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