Going To A Family Dentistry After A Tooth Is Knocked Out

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Dental Care

If a person has a tooth accidentally knocked out of their mouth, they will want to see a Family Dentistry that deals with emergency services to handle the job. In some instances, the tooth can be placed back into the mouth. The person will need to get to the dentist in under an hour’s time for this to happen. Here are some steps one can take to increase the likelihood of reusing their tooth after it has been struck from their mouth due to impact.

The person should pick up the tooth by its crown rather than touch the root area. Since the root will need to be placed back into the socket after getting to the dentist, it will need to be protected as much as possible. Avoiding touching this area will help to keep the root intact. Wash off the tooth with water and attempt to place it back into the socket of the mouth. Make sure the tooth is pointing in the same direction as it was when previously in the mouth.

If the tooth does not stay in place, it will need to be transported to the dentist in liquid so the root does not dry out. This should be done in a container of milk. Water will not be a good liquid to keep the tooth inside as it may have minerals in it. This could cause the root to deteriorate. If milk is not obtainable, the person can keep the tooth in their mouth between their inner cheek and teeth. They will need to be careful not to swallow the tooth if using this method.

Call the dentist’s office to alert them there is an emergency patient that needs to be seen. This way they will be ready to take the patient right away so there is a better chance in saving the tooth. If someone is in need of a Family Dentistry service that has emergency personnel ready to help with a knocked out tooth, they can contact a reliable practice in the area. Check out Website Domain for an establishment ready to handle this type of situation.

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