The Advantages of Correcting a Smile with Invisalign in Cape Coral Florida

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Dental

Nothing makes a person feel more confident than a straight, healthy smile. Unfortunately, about 4.5 million Americans require braces to fix spacing issues each year. Many of those will choose Invisalign to correct their smiles. There are many reasons why dentists recommend Invisalign in Cape Coral Florida to their patients.

No Unsightly Brackets

More than 80-percent of people wearing braces are teenagers. However, many adults also need orthodontics to correct their smile or bite. Too many adults, however, don’t want to be seen with metal brackets. Invisalign in Cape Coral Florida makes it possible to correct spacing issues without having a mouth full of metal.

Traditional braces rely on metal brackets and wires to shift teeth into the ideal position. Invisalign is different, however. Patients undergoing treatment with Invisalign wear clear, plastic trays. These trays put pressure on teeth, slowly moving them into the right location.

No Dietary Changes

Patients with metal braces must avoid certain foods. Overly crunchy or sticky foods may loosen or break the brackets. Unfortunately, this means patients must eliminate some of their favorite foods from their diet. With Invisalign, however, patients do not have to make any changes to their eating habits.

Before eating, patients must remove their Invisalign trays. Crunchy chips, chewy bagels, and colored sodas are all allowed. No food is off-limits. After finishing their meal, patients should thoroughly rinse their mouth and brush their teeth. Failure to follow this step may lead to stained trays or tooth decay.

No Painful Appointments

An orthodontist must tighten and adjust metal braces regularly to ensure the patient’s teeth move on schedule. While necessary, these appointments are very uncomfortable. Some patients report feeling pain for several days after having their braces tightened. With Invisalign, these painful adjustments are a thing of the past.

During Invisalign treatment, the patient is given a series of trays to move their teeth. Patients wear each tray for 1-2 weeks before going on to the next set. Although there may be some discomfort when changing trays, this can be minimized by switching to the new set during the evening.

Invisalign has become popular with both teenagers and adults. Dentists prescribe these innovative braces to treat a wide range of spacing issues, including gaps and crowding. Visit to find out if you’re an ideal candidate for these clear braces.

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