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What You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment In Broken Arrow, OK

In Oklahoma, dental professionals offer several solutions to dental problems. Damaged teeth must be repaired quickly to prevent a complete loss. Dentists perform a variety of services for repairing damaged teeth. Among the procedures is root canal surgery. A local dental professional offers a Root Canal Treatment in Broken Arrow OK for all patients.

Saving a Damaged Tooth

The most common reason for a root canal is to save a severely damaged tooth. In most cases, the tooth has caused some pain and discomfort or become infected. The dentist reviews the patient’s tooth and determines if the root canal is the best course of action.

What Happens During A Root Canal?

During the root canal, the dentist injects a numbing agent into the gums around the affected tooth. The tooth is drilled open to expose the pulp and the nerve. Next, the dentist removes the pulp and the nerve from the tooth. It is cleaned out and all debris removed. Finally, the dentist injects a composite filling into the tooth and seals it off.

What to Expect After the Procedure

The patient’s tooth will be sensitive and pain is more likely. Tissue inflammation is possible, too. The dentist recommends that the patient uses an over-the-counter medication to control pain and discomfort. Advil or ibuprofen products reduce swelling and inflammation. If an infection occurs, the patient must return to the dentist for antibiotics.

What are the Alternatives to a Root Canal?

If the tooth is too damaged, then the dentist could extract it. After the extraction site heals, the dentist could install a dental implant where the missing tooth was. If other teeth surrounding the natural tooth are also missing, then the dentist could install a bridge or create a denture for replacing the teeth.

In Oklahoma, dental professionals perform root canal surgery as a last attempt to save a damaged tooth. The procedure involves pain management and infection mitigation. The nerve and pulp are removed from the tooth before it is reconstructed. Some dentists install a crown over the affected tooth. Patients who need to schedule root canal treatment in Broken Arrow OK can Visit us for an appointment now.

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