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The General Dentist in Mt Pleasant SC Can Protect Your Damaged Tooth

Tooth damage can result from injuries, cavities and infections. When a tooth becomes damaged, it can often cause pain and increased sensitivity. This is often felt when eating and drinking and may even occur when the tooth is exposed to cold air. Regrettably, this is not the only problem that arises. Teeth can become so damaged they are no longer stable. When this happens, extraction may be avoided through care provided by the General Dentist in Mt Pleasant, SC. Through a crown, a tooth can be shielded from further damage.

Crown placement is often necessary to shield a tooth so it can continue to offer normal function. To receive a crown, the patient first needs to have impressions made of the tooth. An impression is created using a special molding compound. This impression is sent to the dental lab, where a custom crown is created for the patient.

A crown is a tooth-shaped protective shell that is placed over a prepared tooth. Preparation involves removing damage from the tooth and shaping it, so it becomes rounder and smaller. Eventually, the tooth takes on a peg shape so it will easily slide inside the protective crown when it has been created.

When the dental lab has created the crown for the tooth, placement is carried out by the General Dentist in Mt Pleasant, SC. The dentist will first need to check for a perfect fit to ensure the crown will offer full protection and allow for normal function. The dentist will then adhere the crown in place, so it bonds with the tooth for a permanent covering.

Dental crowns can allow a person to avoid the need for extraction. These crowns can continue to offer protection for seven years and even longer with proper care. To learn if you are a good candidate for this procedure, visit us. They provide their patients with a wide array of dental care treatments to ensure their smile health is protected.

Call today and schedule a consultation appointment so you can learn more about your treatment options. With the help of your dentist, your tooth can be saved from further damage.

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