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Tips from Your Family Dentistry in West Fargo ND

The food a person eats can play a large role in how bright their teeth are. Does this mean that once an adult, you no longer have any influence on the color of your teeth? Absolutely not.

Some foods significantly influence tooth color. For example, red wine, coffee, and tea can make a person’s teeth brown or black. Highly acidic food also plays a big role in the color of teeth.

Indeed, acidity will affect the tooth’s enamel. Smoking also causes a change in the color of the dentition because of the presence of tar. What other tips can your local Family Dentistry in West Fargo ND provide?

Decay, dental plaque, and tartar

Cavities, which are actually small holes, cause a white spot at an early stage that will turn brown or black. This is due to bacteria in the mouth that produce acid and destroy the material of the tooth. The longer you wait to treat decay, the more it will attack the tooth.

When the decay reaches the deeper parts of a tooth, it then comes into contact with the nerve and causes a toothache. The plaque will also cause visible spots on the teeth. After each meal, a thin layer of bacteria is formed, saliva and remains are deposited at the root of the tooth, and this can cause the appearance of plaque.

When the dental plaque calcifies, it becomes tartar. It does not only threaten the health of a person’s teeth and gums, but it also has a visible impact. Indeed, because of tartar, dentition becomes greyish.

Tartar, being the stubborn problem it is, causes the appearance of stains that will be difficult to eliminate with the toothbrush. Brush your teeth at least twice a day for five minutes, and remember to visit your local Family Dentistry in West Fargo ND for routine checkups.

The solution

Most people cannot rely on their family’s genes to give them the smile they want. Veneers are the solution for most and are the one solution most tend to forget. These are actually thin porcelain plates that are placed on the teeth.

They are made to measure and always remain white. This is the solution that most dentists offer for yellowed teeth, but also irregularly-shaped, cracked, and broken teeth. Visit the Website for more details.

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