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What You Should Know About Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Chanhassen, MN

If you’re experiencing discomfort or other problems with your wisdom teeth, your dentist may recommend wisdom tooth extraction in Chanhassen, MN. This procedure will restore comfort and keep your dental health in good condition. However, it’s useful to know what to expect from your procedure to help you make an informed decision.

The Advantages

While some people remove their wisdom teeth due to infections or decay, others opt for the procedure to correct other issues related to their oral health. As you consider wisdom tooth extraction in Chanhassen, MN, you need to think about the advantages. Removing wisdom teeth clears space to prevent overcrowding. It also protects other teeth from damage or issues associated with impacted teeth.

Potential Risks

The advantages aren’t the only thing you should think about for wisdom tooth extraction in Chanhassen, MN. It’s just as essential to explore the risks, so you can determine if the benefits outweigh those risks. As a surgical procedure, it will have similar risks to any other minor surgery. In addition, you may experience nerve damage, excessive bleeding, or complications like dry socket. However, if you follow your dentist’s instructions, you can reduce many of these risks.

Proper Aftercare

The appropriate aftercare will determine the success of your wisdom tooth extraction in Chanhassen, MN. Bleeding should stop within 24 hours. Sleeping with your head elevated can speed up this process. Plenty of rest and avoiding physical activity for a few days is critical. You should also avoid tobacco use, hot or cold food and drinks, and touching the site. Don’t use straws.

If you’re thinking about wisdom tooth extraction in Chanhassen, MN, visit the Chanhassen Family Dentistry to learn more about this procedure.

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