Can a Dental Office in Ann Arbor MI Help With Tooth Decay

by | Feb 2, 2016 | Cosmetic Dental Care

One of the most common questions from dental patients is whether or no tooth decay is painful. To answer this question, people must take into account several factors. One of the first things a patient must do is visit a Dental Office in Ann Arbor MI once they start experiencing pain. This article will talk about the pain associated with tooth decay and also the solutions and alternatives available to a person.

One of the peculiarities of tooth decay is in its initial phase where it is not only painless but also offers no clear signs of the emergence of this oral disease. With that being said, the most effective alternative when suffering from this disease is found through routine visits to the dentist. If the decay further progresses, it will penetrate inside the tooth affecting both dentin and dental pulp. It is at this time where the pain appears and can become quite intense because it affects nerves.

There are many people who see their dental office in Ann Arbor MI due to the unbearable pain suffered. In this sense, people must know that you cannot treat a tooth when there is an intense pain because it is synonymous with an infection in the area. At this point it is necessary to administer antibiotics to overcome the infection and, once the patient has recovered, the dentist will carry out a specific treatment depending on the needs presented by the patient.

Generally, the most suitable alternative to treating advanced decay is a process known as a root canal. Its main objective is to restore a tooth affected by decay and this requires removing the infected part of the tooth and then sealing it to prevent the ingress of bacteria and pathogens. The last step will be to rebuild the tooth with a filling or a porcelain crown. If the decay has destroyed the structure of the tooth, the only possible treatment will be the removal of said tooth. When dealing with a problem associated with dental caries, the only reliable and effective solution is to go to the dentist and seek treatment. Contact Washtenaw General Dentistry to learn more.

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