Implants In Short Hills NJ Off A Permanent Solution For Missing Teeth

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Dentist

An individual who is missing one or several teeth can benefit from Implants in Short Hills NJ. In other cases, a dental implant can help to hold an individual’s denture in place. An individual who is missing teeth can eliminate the gaps for cosmetic services or reconstruction of a smile. The health of a patient’s gums and jaw will determine whether they’re eligible to receive an implant. A dentist will perform a thorough examination that will include a variety of X-rays. Certain patients might need to have CT scanning done during their consultation.

Common Dental Implant

Although there are a variety of dental implants available, the common dental implant is made of a titanium post. A dentist will make a small opening in the gums and drill a tiny hole into the jawbone. After the jawbone heals around the titanium post, a patient will return in approximately six months to have their permanent crown attached to the post.

Why Is It So Important To Replace Missing Teeth?

Individuals often want to improve their smile when they choose Implants in Short Hills NJ. The fact is, when there is a gap in the teeth, it can cause shifting of the teeth and cause a misalignment of an individual’s bite. This can lead to chipped teeth, jaw pain, headaches, and a variety of other uncomfortable situations.

What Services Can An Oral Surgeon Perform?

In addition to installing dental implants in a patient, an oral surgeon can help with TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorders that involve conditions of the jaw joints, tendons, nerves and other parts of their face. Symptoms of TMJ can include facial or jaw pain, temple headaches, jaw locking closed or difficulty opening, pain upon chewing, feeling that the bite is off while chewing, and several other symptoms. An oral surgeon can perform a thorough examination and determine the best treatment to reduce the pain.

In addition to dental implants and TMJ disorders, Westfield Oral Surgery can help to eliminate snoring and sleep apnea, without the use of a machine every night. They can also remove wisdom teeth and provide the sedation a patient need through their treatment.

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